Thursday, December 11, 2008

"the blogosphere"

I feel like this medium has a chance at being an honest and useful forum for people to exchange stories. When bloggers are not just complaining or ranting about inane topics, interesting things come out. Whether a tedious hour by hour account of your day or minute observations of every social action and idiosyncrasy, or a meandering narratives populated with characters taken directly from the author's own life the blogosphere is rich in imagination, or at least information and inspiration.
Naturally none of these things that are written remain our intellectual property and anyone serious about making a go of writing can't blog without the danger of the invading "google bots" or "coolhunters" making off with their thoughts. The argument could be made that there exists the same dangers in the physical world of writing as the digital, and that the path set before an aspiring amateur isn't easy whichever way. The access to an audience or to readers offered through blogs is unprecedented, and although great works of literature are unlikely to made here great writers could. In such a fertile and liberated environment passionate writers have an oppertunity to make a name for themselves, and like the dream of most every blogger to make a deal with a real life physical publisher and write a real life paper book.

Wednesday, November 26, 2008

On the Lake

Undulating sheets of light
Cast shimmering ciphers on the hull

The memory of the lake was spoken,
In a language unknown to all

It told vividly a history,
Rich in meaning to decipher

Of every loon, stream, and current
Ever alive inside her

This beautiful representation of something so simple and true
Drew my gaze for hours and imprinted on me something new

A greater clarity of vision, one more the perspective of nature,
A complete historic view.

Thursday, November 20, 2008


Tuesday, August 26, 2008

What Lies Ahead, Chaos?

Postmodernism (or more accurately our "current unnamed time") seems to be an age, making a clean break from history, it seems to hold the potential for something authentic.

History seems to move in circles, swirling convection currents propelled by our human character. For the first time we may be coming aware of this phenomenon en masse. If we interrupt this current what will happen? Will we see chaos, or a new way?

What will happen when our "postmodern" ideas are deployed in full force?

Thursday, July 31, 2008

Response to "Hipster: The Dead End of Western Civilization"

First of all the term "hipster" is as about a descriptive word as is "postmodernism,"
the term "hipster" throws a blanket over the whole movement. The only thing that this movement really successfully rebels against is a neat and tidy name that wraps up what it is. If this essay really did define the "hipster" I would buy the thesis, but the fact is there's more to it, which makes it hard for me to believe the end of our civilization is nigh. It seems to me that this is a movement in need of a direction.

If the "hipster" readers of Adbusters were to be given some sort of motto or manifesto, if the critical voice of Adbusters were used to rally a movement to stroke some ideas into action, we might just see an authentic counterculture movement like this essay pines for.

Also counter to what this essay suggests, history will continue, new ideas will take root, new movements will march forward, this movement marked "hipster" could be the seed of something authentic, or at the very least the fertile soil for a future seed.

this is the original essay im responding to

Tuesday, April 01, 2008

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