Saturday, June 24, 2006


Thirteen years... was it worth it? Well I'm sure that I got something out of it? although I did do plenty more learning outside of school.

I've always loved to read (that, is all you really need in the end). I hated nearly all of my teachers, everthing they told me to do was too restrictive (with of course the exception of a few exceptional ones who helped a lot.) I never wrote about what I was supposed to or drew what was assigned and I never showed my work for math questions. I decided at some point, I can't remember when, a long time ago though, I decided not to aim for high marks at all in school but instead to look for ways to get the most out of whatever I was supposed to be learning. I made what the teacher was trying to teach more interesting for myself. I'd change the topic of the short story or draw something completely different than the, "house, angel, or demon." That is except for math, I never liked it or cared much, especially once we started algebra.

I do hope though that this subversive little plan I hatched so many years ago will work out fine; because, well I haven't got my report card yet, so I'll have to wait until then to claim success over the school board.
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