Thursday, May 10, 2007

may 3rd

Well I'm starting to count down the weeks until I leave for Italy, its almost asurred now, now that I'm working full time. Its not going to be easy to sort everything out before then, now that I'm occupied monday to friday during business hours, and on top of that I also have to run my business. I hope I can turn over all the logistic stuff to min and vlad, so that I can be the remote owner/designer and still reap the benefits from Torino. I think what I have to do is look for more ways to streamline my whole operation, which means outsourcing all of the printing and getting the company to also print the size and the name of my brand on the inside of each shirt. The one thing that I want to keep doing by hand myself is the labels. I think that they communicate a lot about my brand. I don't want to give even and inch of to anybody on that cause with a little imagination I think that I can do alot with that small amount of space. One thing that ive done is number a run of shirts I recently did by writing by hand the edition and individual number on each tag and signed beside it. This way I can reclaim the feel of a "hands on touch" even if no part is done by hand except the tags. I imagine that they would be pretty easy to send to Canada when I'm in Italy too. I wonder if I'm going to be able to sell many shirts in Italy. I can see that there is a demand for the type of shirts I'm selling but that there isn't an abundant supply of quality designs. I saw a bunch of shirts with "Angel Demon" written on the front as if this is some clever english phrase that everybody is wearing in "the States." But nothing else half decent. Now I'm not implying that Italians have no style because we all know that would be a lie, but they're definetly not on the cutting edge in the niche of designer tees. I just dont know if my vancouver style will be congruent with the Pietmontese look. Well no mattter if it isn't cause it seems that min and vlad might be able to get me ditribution across America and Canada. 10:30am

I dont blog nearly often enough.

So I figure that I need some sort of creative outlet that I can access whenever I want, even when I'm working. My job is boring but it certainly isn't "soul sucking," what is does is really just occupy me, it uses up all my mental energy. If I can skim a little of that energy thats being wasted whenever I have nothing better to do than "look busy" with this then I think I can get something meaningful done. Well at least meaningful to me, maybe to you as well if you relate to me.

What I intend to do here is document my thoughts while I work (the ones between calls) where I have free rein of my thoughts.

Now I warn you, in my writing I often find myself able to only write about the writing process itself or why I write, why I don't write about anything else, and so on like that. I don't know how interesting this will be, but I'm certain that this is still much prefered to a detailed account of my day's events, as I find it hard to be dishonest with those type of entries, and they almost always end up being to accurate, to the dull truth, or too consise for a decent distraction from your boring day. But then again, I don't think really that I'm writing this for you anyways, it'd be nice if you were interested but not problem if you're not. 8:30am
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